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Pediatric Speech, Occupational, &Physical Therapy Services


Clubhouse Pediatric Therapy

Offers specialized services

At Clubhouse Pediatric Therapy, we specialize in providing services for children including  physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, feeding therapy, and orofacial myofunctional therapy. We can't wait to support you & your little one on their journey.

Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy


Speech Therapy

Physical Therapy

Occupational Therapy

What our clients say

Client testimonials

Pierce Family

"There’s just not enough words to describe perfectly how much Haley has impacted our family. Haley has provided absolutely phenomenal speech therapy to our son during some really hard delays. She also helped educate us about tongue tie’s which was overlooked by many professionals and ultimately was able to be repaired. Aside from those amazing professional things she truly is passionate and caring about everything she does. Haley has a huge heart and makes therapy enjoyable and something my son looked forward to. Haley has positively impacted our whole family from the time we first met her, we highly recommended her services to everyone!"

Martin Family

"Mrs. Haley has helped our family so much! We sought her out for myofunctional therapy for our 4 year old son who had issues with grinding at night, and also had our 2 year old son assessed for snoring/ mouth breathing. I believe when we first spoke she described herself as “the quarterback” for our kids’ needs… what a fitting term. Haley not only helped with her area of expertise, but also directed us to others to fill our needs. She helped us find an ENT to truly address our concerns, and our sons have slept better every night since. As for the myofunctional therapy that we did with her, our older son learned exercises to strengthen his orofacial muscles, and he learned the importance of nose breathing. He is the fastest kid on his soccer team and credits it to “putting [his] tongue on the spot.” We can’t recommend Haley enough. She is friendly, kid-focused, and so knowledgeable with the importance of airway health. On top of the medical/speech improvements we noticed, we also saw our son’s confidence increase as he worked with her. He looked forward to each appointment and saw their time together as fun and special, and he still mentions the games they played from time to time.We are so happy for Mrs. Haley to start her own practice, and we are so appreciative of all of her assistance with our family!"

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