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Feeding a child a cookie

Feeding Therapy

Family Preparing Breakfast

Feeding and mealtimes...

...are an opportunity for your child to experience  joy, community, and bonding with their family and loved ones.


When there are difficulties with a child’s ability to safely participate and enjoy feeding opportunities, it can be a major stressor for the child and their family. We are here to help!

Feeding includes...

...any aspect of eating and drinking, from gathering the food/liquid, to preparing it, to safely swallowing.


Our treatment begins with a thorough evaluation with an in depth review of your child’s medical, nutritional, psychosocial, and feeding skill history, to collect as much information as possible about all factors having an impact on your child’s feeding abilities.


We will then assess your child’s oral motor, oral sensory, and pharyngeal function.


This evaluation will guide your child’s treatment plan to ensure we address all underlying factors and provide holistic treatment.

Little Girl in a Restaurant
Father and Daughter Having Breakfast

An important principle... Clubhouse Pediatric Therapy, is that we want our patient’s families to feel empowered with knowledge and confident in how they can help their child at home!


We do this in feeding therapy by having parents participate in sessions when it is appropriate, and providing guidance on strategies parents can use to help their child. 

How can feeding therapy help your child?

◉ Oral motor support to improve quality of bottle and/or breastfeeding

◉ Assist in the transition to solid foods


◉ Achieving cup and straw drinking 

◉ Improve chewing 

◉ Improve control of solids and liquids 

◉ Improve swallow safety 

◉ Reducing dependence on thickeners and modified diets 

◉ Expanding textures/ flavors

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