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Children's Race



Appointment Options

Free Consultation

Cost: Free

Schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation with Haley to discuss your concerns regarding your child's communication, feeding, or oral motor abilities. This is a helpful conversation to have if you are unsure if the concerns you have are part of typical child development or if your child would benefit from an evaluation. 



Initial Evaluation

Your child's first appointment will be a 1-hour initial evaluation to thoroughly assess any concerns. Assessment information is gathered through parent interview, the child's medical history, observation, and standardized testing as appropriate. These appointments are always completed in-person in the clinic in order for your therapist to obtain the most accurate information. This appointment is utilized for formulate a treatment plan for your child. Please call us at 469-974-1243 to schedule an initial evaluation.




Treatment Sessions

These appointments are following your child's initial evaluation. These sessions may vary in frequency and duration based on your child's needs. It is most ideal for these appointments to be held in-person in the clinic, however, virtual sessions are available and considered on a case by case basis pending your child's maturity and compliance levels. Some children are a great fit for virtual services! 

*Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend their children's sessions and we highly recommend caregivers be involved involved in their child's therapy process.

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